Do you play any other mmorpg besides dboz?

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    • Ah man i see this is an old thread, hopefully nobody is gonna mind me writing here....back on dbog forum in the day mods used to go berserk if anybody would touch old threads instead of making a new one for the same topic, beats me why to this day but okay i guess.

      But anyways it's a very interesting conversation so i'd like to give my point of view and share some experiences i gathered on my rather long quest of trying to find a game that could replace dbo for me after daneos dbog died. Now u have to understand that i was and still am a complete, devoted dbo nerd, which might seem ridiculous to all of you kids that are following the development of game industry and know how outdated this game was in terms of...well....everything. But that doesn't change anything for me, tbh. It never did. It could never change the fact that dbo was the first game i seriously played and enjoyed, the first game in which i met real "internet friends" and had fun interacting with them daily and the first game i didn't mind giving thousands of hours of my life into. Yes, that 2010 officially dead asian mmo which only existed on private servers and never had more than 1000 players, full of bugs and farming bots. That game was basically my life for many years, and i enjoyed it without any regrets.

      So it's death was, of course, devastating for me, but i never gave up completely from hoping that it would one day come back. But in the meantime, i thought it would be a good idea to find some other game to fill in the gap and make the waiting easier. Of course, the first idea that came to me was that i should find some other mmo, simply because the transition would be easier if i felt like it had any similarities with dbo. So i started to google and ask around, hoping to find out which one would be the best for a heartbroken fanboy like myself.

      The only mmo game i kinda played before dbo was Lord of the rings online, the game i came across only bcs i was a fan of Tolkien's world and choices were very limited for games relating to it. Well that wasn't an option now, even for my taste that one was just too old. No point in discussing it further.
      So i started to look for games that would be, at least slightly, more up to todays standards, and the first i came on to was Neverwinter.

      Now what can i really say about was a great game. Visuals were great, story was engaging, mechanics awesome and it had a fair amount of active players. Leveling was very easy compared to dbo and its 49-55 void of content, so i quickly got 2 characters to lvl 80(max) and started to get into endgame, which was maybe a bit complicated but actually fun and dynamic. Nonetheless, it felt like something really important for me was missing. I quickly realised what the problem was, the game didn't have an open map. I don't know how come i didn't notice such an important detail immediately, but it was probably due to a lot of fun i had playing it in the beginning. The entire map of Neverwinter was composed of "districts" you just have to teleport to, which were very limited, small maps without any exploration potential. So Neverwinter is an mmo that doesn't have an open world or any exploration aspects to it. So to cut the story short, that was the reason i abandoned it, plain and simple. Mmo without adventuring is not really an mmo for me, no matter how good everything else is.

      The next game one friend convinced me to go ahead and try out was Warframe. Now, Warframe is a game that's kinda difficult to define, best way to put it would be to say that it's an mmo, but it isn't (lol). Anyways, the gameplay was really fun, but it had the same problem as NW only 10 times worse. You spawn in your ship and from there teleport straight to a mission, all of which have zero map. Districts in Neverwinter were actually much bigger and even had some npcs or mmo-like details. These maps literally felt like you were playing counter strike, just with really weak bots. If exploration in Neverwinter was zero, here it would drop to -100. Again, just not for me. Also the game fully comes about as grind fest, simply because you will have to get new weapons and warframes all the time and level them up to max. That's the only way to advance in Warframe, so it's basically what you will be doing most of the time.

      Now there are other two games i wanted to try based on recommendations. One was Albion Online, for which i heard it's a great mmo but fully PvP oriented with "kill and loot" system.... thanks. And the other was Guild wars 2.

      Guild wars 2 is a game i'm currently trying out and it seems to have everything i wanted. Beautiful world, open map and a loooots of exploration, also balanced PvE and PvP, both of which are unique and engaging. The only problem i currently have with it is that it's kinda overwhelming. It really hits you hard with tons of information from the start, up to the point where you are struggling to comprehend what should you even be doing, but that's common for fully developed mmos.

      I'm also playing Genshin Impact, but this is an mmo thread so i will not discuss it here, although i do recommend it.

      Anyways i went overboard with writing. At least i hope i provided some info, if anybody is even still interested.

      Kind regards and cya when beta hopefully comes



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