Announcement Regarding Patch notes

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    • Announcement Regarding Patch notes

      Hello DBOZ community,

      There will be a server-side maintenance taking place next Monday, which will include a few fixes and access to the 3.0 Client which can be used in Experimental Mode.
      Note: The current focus for this client is to test and improve its performance, and so we don't recommend that you use this client as your main client.

      The reason for taking so long to update the server is because Nady was on holiday, and so he had a limited amount of time to access and update the server.

      Additionally, we now test all updates on the developmental server before it is released to the public, in order to ensure that no unexpected issues appear on the live servers.

      You can now access the calendar on our website, which will tell you the exact date and time the maintenance will take place.


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