Patch Notes #2

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    • Patch Notes #2

      Dragon Ball Hunt Event
      • Time Zones - To ensure the Dragon Ball Hunting event is fair for all time zones, it will last for an entire day. However, to participate you need to activate the 'Hunting Time'.
      • Hunting Time - When the Dragon Ball Hunt event starts, you can choose when you start hunting at any time during the 24 hour period.
        • How to activate the Hunting Time - You can activate the Hunting Time by buying a Dragon Ball Scouter Chip and putting it into your scouter. For now in Open Alpha you can get permanent scouter chip, but in Open Beta it will be changed to be time limited.
      • Dragon Ball Drop Rate - The Dragon Ball Drop Rate is currently under testing and will be changed with time.
        • Chance to spawn monster with ball: 10%
        • Chance to drop ball from normal mob: 5%
        • Chance to drop ball from super: 10%
        • Chance to drop ball from ultra: 15%
        • Chance to drop ball from boss: 20%
        • Chance to drop ball from hero: 25%
        • Chances are affected by level difference, each 1 level difference lowers drop chance by 20%, which means 5 levels difference have 0% drop chance.
      • Bind - Dropped Dragon Balls are player binded.
      Item Description How to Obtain
      Use this chip to activate the Dragon Ball Hunt event. Obtained via the Token Shop.

      • Notes:
        -The rate of Dragon Ball Drop it's not final yet and will be adjusted with time.
        -This is not the final event system, and will be changed in the future to fit really better to any kind of Time Zones with an system that will be integrated with our scouter.
        -In future this event will have the Interface/GUI remade to fit better with our changes.
        -The way to obtain the Dragon Ball Hunt Scouter Chip is not final yet.
        -This is happening due to limitations that we have in our 1.0 version, so only expect an full revamp in this event only at 3.0 version in the Beta.

      Client 3.0 (Experimental)
      1. We have now released the experimental 'Client 3.0' to the public. Our developers for this client are currently focusing on improving game performance, so you should expect that there will be game breaking bugs. For this reason, we do not recommend that you use Client 3.0 as your main client.
      2. This client shares the same server and configuration files as the 1.0 client, which means you do not need to redownload your game. However, you can expect some incompatibilities if you decide to use it.

      Client 3.0 (Experimental) - Instructions
      • When you are on the Launcher, check the box titled 'Client 3.0 (Experimental)'.

      • To use this client we recommend that you change your configuration files, because there are incompatibilities between 1.0 and 3.0. If you do not use seperate configuration files, you should expect the following:
        • Incorrect FOV
        • Wrong Shortcuts
        • 3rd Toolbar does not activate
      • How to Fix:
        Go to your game folder and delete the folder called "User"
        • Note: If you still have issues with your FOV or your Shortcuts, go to your game options and configure it manually. Your FOV can be set to default by clicking the 'Default' Button.
      Client 3.0 (Experimental) - Performance Comparison
      • We've made a lot of changes to the client in order to improve the performance, and to make it compatible between different types of hardware (Intel, NVIDIA, AMD graphics cards).
      • Performance on the 3.0 client can be over 200% better than the old 1.0 client's performance.
      Display Spoiler

      Computer Specs used in this comparison:

      APU VEGA 3 - 1GB Vram
      CPU AMD ATHLON 3000G 3.5 Ghz (Stock)
      RAM 2x8 Overclocked to 2400Mhz
      OS Windows 10 Home 64 Bits

      Client 3.0 (Experimental) - Patch Notes #1

      Note: These patch notes do not contain all the client changes/fixes, and is separated from the current Alpha Server's patch notes.
      These fixes are in comparation with DBOG 2.0 Source and our DBOZ 1.0 client.
      ★ Linux / Mac
      • There is compatibility with both operating systems, using Wine and Vulkan. There is also a profile in PlayOnLinux.
      • There are no more freezes on Windows 10 during game play in any type of computer.
      • Performance has been optimized (FPS has been more than doubled, and high end GPUs can reach more than 200+ stable fps without frametime issues).
      • Fixes for crashes on random map locations, and huge world crashes in random locations.
      • Tools have been fixed (which enables us to create new content).
      • FOV and camera is now 99% like the retail client.
        • If you game is not using the default FOV, click the 'Default' Button in your options>other. (Remember to set the mouse dash interval to maximum to enable double tap with flight).
      • Almost all the content from the latest KR build has been implemented.
      • A new localize system has been added.
        • Because of these new localize system, some translations may not be 100% compatible at day one.
      • Fixed a bug where opening the Options menu would reset keybinds.
      • Added the auto-target function.
      • Fixed a bug where the client would crash when the loading screen was minimized.
      • Fixed a bug where changing channels would cause crashes.
      • FPS limit now works as intended.
      • Client-side fix to teleport bug after using the vehicle.
      • Implementation of a new bugtrap system:
        • When a client crashes, the player now has the option to send all the data to the dboz team, in order to help us fix the bug.
      • Fixed & added missing icons from latest KR, + new TLQ icon.
      • The correct amount of EP appears when using an EP Heal skill .
      • Corrected the amount of updated LP when loosing a Max LP buff.
      • Upgrade System's UI is now exactly like in retail client.
      • Attributes System is now exactly like in retail client.
      • The GUI for Party Members can be moved up or down up to player's preferences:
        • This can be used if you party has 2 players or more.
        • Party members can be moved around by right clicking in the Party Member and selecting "Move Up" or "Move Down".
        • Note: Maybe you can see some "String Not Found", this is because the translation was not be 100% updated for the new client.
      • Fixed a bug where RP Balls were not being disabled.
      • Fixed the list of party buffs not showing correctly.
      • Fixed a bug where player names would not show correctly.
      • The sound system has been improved.
      • Changing the "default" sound device on Windows 10 now works.
      • 3D Sound (sound is heard depending on the direction a player is going in).
      • Added a Mute option in the Sound Menu.
      • The Guard Sound is now constantly repeated for the duration of the skill.
      ★ Mobs
      • Fixed mobs having a slow death animation.
      • Enabled auto targeting the nearest mobs.
      • Fixed a bug where attacking more than 100 mobs simultaneously would crash the game.
      ★ Quick Slot
      • Skills & Items can now be removed from the Quick Slot.
      ★ Game Quality
      • Texture | Font | Loading screens | All Flashes are now in HD.
        • Expect it when we move to our final 3.0 client in the Beta Phase
      ★ Skybox
      • The skybox is now like the latest KR client.
      ★ Game Word
      • Invisible waters in certain areas of the world are now visible.
      ★ Fly System
      • The AP bar now works, and changes color depending on the percentage of remaining AP.
      • Fly is now like retail, with the dash acceleration effect showing properly.
      • Added the flight turning animation with use of the keyboard (Mouse support will be added later on).
      ★ Shenron
      • Fixed a bug where Shenron was stuck if the timer reaches zero.
      ★ World Map / Mini Map
      • Instances maps are visible when a player clicks on landmarks (This feature was missing in the old client).
      • Fixed broken World Map textures for RP1 and RP2 in Korin's World Map for Humans.
        • This will be added in the Beta, it is fixed but doesn't show in 1.0 due to compatibility between 1.0 client.
      • Quest Searching was a missing feature, and has been implemented like in retail. It shows NPCs, Level and Quest (Missing ToolTip Icon)
      • Fixed a bug where when someone presses LMB+RMB and opens the World Map, their mouse would be stuck.
      • Quests now display the correct icon.
      ★ Quest
      • Quest UI now shows level, zeni, and the xp rewards from the quest (This was bugged).
      ★ Item
      • Upgrade Dash | Guard | Charge now show the right effects depending on the level of upgrade.
      • Upgrading is now exactly like in retail.
      • Attribute changes are now working.
      • Consumable items now work ( SSJ | Pure Majin | Great Namek Potions, etc ).
      • Item boxing is now working as intended.
      ★ Community
      • Fixed the Friendslist/Blacklist.
      ★ Item Drop
      • Item popups now work as in retail, and does not display until you hover over the item.
      • The colour of the UI is now fixed, and is displayed according to the item ranking.
      • New colours for item rankings have been added.
      ★ Attributes
      • Green/Red highlights have been re-added for player stats.
      • Battle Properties (Honest, Strange, etc) have been added back.
      ★ Movement
      • Fixed a bug where the camera movement would stop without being able to do a 360° turn.
      • Fixed the camera/player spinning whilst using RP Charge or Guard.
      • Fixed oddities in player movements.
      • Player movement is now synced correctly, and is displayed on other player's screens.
      • Moving with W + Q/E is now working.
      • Fake player locations have been corrected:
        • The client now calculates your position depending on where you are according to the server.
        • This is not 100% completed, as there is backward compatibility with the latest KR client, thus causing some bugs on the Alpha Server. It will be completely fixed in Beta.
      • Falling from height is now the same as in retail.
      • Dash, KD, sliding and collisions are now working as they did in retail.
      • Fixed a bug where dashing with a different POV would glitch the camera.
      ★ Skill
      • You can no longer move if a skill prohibits it:
        • For example: You cannot move whilst using Play Dead, Ultimate Freeze, etc.
      • Range circles when using an AOE attack is now displayed correctly.
      • Might Majin's Spin Attack is now fixed.
        • You no longer exit this state when taking damage.
      • Ultimate Majin's Flame Spinning Attack is now fixed, with the animation, damage, and flames displaying correctly.
      • Chef Majin's candy ball skill is fixed.
        • There is still one missing animation after the state ends, which will be fixed soon.
      • Fixed a Chef Majin skill that crashed the game.
      • Fixed a bug where the Play Dead skill was not displaying an animation.
      • Fixed a bug where Dende's EP Regen Buff was not showing correctly.
      ★ Buff Counter
      • The old weight system UI has been replaced with a buff counter.
        • Note: Maybe you can see some "String Not Found", this is because the translation was not be 100% updated for the new client.
      ★ Another Contents
      • Token Shop | Wagu Shop | Wagu Machines are currently a work in progress.

      Client 3.0 (Experimental) - KNOWN ISSUES
      • Some sound effects aren't like retail, and are still being updated.
      • The Quest list doesn't have the right UI background.
      • Box mobs aren't displaying right UI target icon
      • Players randomly get stuck in the air/on ground after flight (This is almost fixed).
      • There are some client compatibility issues with translations.
      • The flight state does not update correctly when landing on ground.
      • Scouters system with Chip System is not implemented yet (These will have the chip scouter system and improvements in this sytem further down the line).
      • Slow down or speed up animations don't work properly.
      • There is still an unfinished UI in the map.
      • RP Charging sound effect does not load correctly.
      • Incompatibilities between configurations in the client 1.0 and 3.0.
      • Using the Penetration skill effect with Special Beam Cannon causes the character to freeze.
      • Skills that move the player (like Martial Artist's Quick Attack) does not work properly.
      • Incorrect error codes show in some places.
      • Invalid OptionTBL Index error code in some drop items.
      • Preview items with Shift + RMB is not working for now.
      • Hide the Game UI with Alt + U is not working for now.

      Client 3.0 (Experimental) - Future Goals

      These are some of our goals for the 3.0 Client that will be implemented before the Beta release.
      • In the sound options we intend to add two choices:
        • Sound Output Device list - you can choose your audio device or leave it as default. (Same output device as your Windows 10, and can be changed in realtime).
      • Features to improve user experience:
        • Examples: You will no longer need to add people to your friends list for advantages in PVP Budokai.
          Add in-game voice chat via Party.
          And a lot more features.
      • Fix all reported visual bugs.
      • Client In-built anti-hack system.
      • Add all the latest Korean client content.
      • Fix all critical bugs that are client side.
      • Add options to change the Game API in the settings.
      • Vsync option:
        • This is already working but is disabled in the experimental client.
      • Borderless Mode.
        • This is already working but is disabled in the experimental client.
      • Add even more fresh and exclusive content to the game.
      • Improve the game's performance even further for all computers.
      • Implement an exclusive main menu screen.
      • Add an system to change the game font directly from the launcher.
      • Add an option to resize the game's UI to fit better in higher resolutions.
        • Note: This will take more time to complete, so will only be available after Beta release.

      Client 3.0 (Experimental) - Questions and Answers ✪
      Q: If the Client 3.0 is not ready yet, why release it to the public in experimental mode?
      A: Our developers are right now focusing into better game performance and compatibilities within all types of hardware, so our developers need an high range of different hardware to test and ensure the best performance in any kind of PCs before we finish the client, the current bugs existent in the 3.0 client will not exist when we release it in the Beta Phase.
      So please, be aware that our client 3.0, at least in these early days, is not recommended to be played as your main client.

      Q: Client 3.0 (Experimental) will recive updates in the Alpha Phase?
      A: Yep, our developers it's working everyday in the new client, mainly in the game performance, but in bug fixing aswell, silent updates will be made almost everyday and all critical bugs and differences made in the client 3.0, will be showed sometimes in Client 3.0 (Experimental) Section in the weekly patch notes.

      Q: I'll need to create one new character, redownload the game or open in an new server to play this client 3.0 (Experimental)?
      A: No, both clients work in the same server, and 3.0 will be updated with the current launcher, but be aware that you can have some problems with incompatibilities between 1.0 and 3.0 and the current Alpha Server, such problems as some missing contents from latest korean client, not the same game font, or even translation not being 100% compatible, these incompatibilities will be fixed within the time until the beta phase.

      Client 3.0 (Experimental) - Dev Team

      Remember that the development team for the 3.0 Client is different to the Alpha Server team.

      Skills Fixes

      - Teleport has been 100% fixed now.

      - Could be self casted.

      - Not getting RP from skill has been fixed.
      • Teleport Skill - Skill getting locked after use teleporting skills has been fixed.
      • Spells Skills - Was not able to use spells skills after respawn has been fixed
      • Paralysis Skills - Target being paralised for ever after use the skill has been fixed.
      • Chef Majin Attack Skill - Bug when using skills gloves and subweapon was being invisible has been fixed.
      Game Fixes
      • Party - Location of party members in the map has been fixed.
      • Vehicle - Player being teleported back after die, entering into an dungeon or using yardrat teleport NPC.
      • Mobs Aggro - Mob losing aggro when sliding down has been fixed.
      • Friend List - An problem that was making you be unable to add friends in the friend list has been fixed,
        • Note: You still will see some issues in the friend list, and will be fixed within the next updates.
      • Infinite paralysis - It was possible to cause infinite paralysis in some circumstances.
      • Repeatable quest tokens - It was possible to farm tokens with some quests which could be spamed over and over
      • Temporary immortality - "Prevent X damage" stat could be used to gain temporary immortality (absorb 65k damage). This stat is temporary turned off until next maintenance. With that change, shield skills will not work.
      • Friendlist / chat - There were some issues in Chat Server caused by some friendlist functions. We decided to temporary disable friendlist, so Chat should not crash anymore. Friendlist will be back asap.
      Game Server Fixes
      • Chat Server - fixed the integrity/stability of the Chat Server.
        • Note: You can expect to be disconnected/connected from the chat server randomly, as it is currently in testing mode to fix all bugs.
      • Server Auto Restart - Fixed a problem that prevented the server from automatically restarting.

      Token Shop Tweaks
      • Token Points Gain - The interval between gaining tokens is shorter, however the overall token gain is proportionally lower.
        • You get token points 4x more often whilst grinding mobs, but you gain 4x less the amount of token points.
      • Grind - Now you have an higher change to obtain token points by killing Super, Hero, Ultra and Boss mobs.
        • Super x3
        • Ultra x5
        • Boss/Hero x8

      • Note:
        -Token Points by griding still under balance testing and will be changed in future updates.
        -Token shop by doing TMQs, Ranked Battle, BIDs, UDs and etc will be added in future updates.

      ★ Game Server Crash
      • Channels - Some channels had random crashes.
        • Note: Now the channels are almost never crashing, if happen future crashes, hotfix will be made in silent mode.
      ★ Chat Server Crash
      • Chat - Fixed an crash that was making the chat channel crashing sometimes.

      English Translation
      • Updated some Quests and Interface translations.
      Portuguese Translation
      • Updated some Quests, Textures and Items translations.
      French Translation
      • Updated some Effects, Vehicles and Interface translations.
      Korean Translation
      • Updated some interface translations.
      Chinese Translation
      • Updated some interface translations.
      Spanish Translation
      • Updated some interface translations.

      Critical Bugs
      • The Mobs AI issue is known, and its our top priority for this bug to be fixed. For example, some mobs are invincible and some mobs don't attack/move. It should happen much less than before, but this has not been fixed properly yet.
        • Note: This bug is now rare, but can still happen - please be aware that this is only a temporary fix and a permanent one will follow soon.
      • Sometimes you'll go to Westland if you force quit from an instance (TMQ/TLQ etc). This will be fixed later on.
      • Sometimes you can crash whist in UD1 or UD2.
        • This is happening randomly for some players, not for all players.
      • Players may go to a blank map when using teleporters at Papaya Island.
      • Note: If you are having these issues, talk to one of our moderators: @kakaichi, @Superstar, @Hardlock or @Flexarot
      Minor Bugs
      • Lag in channels with lots of players is to be expected, as our server is in Debug Mode which lets us track bugs faster.


      This update took more time than usual, as our team has decided that starting now - we will test the whole update in the Developer Server before releasing it in Public.
      You can expect more often and really weekly updates with the time, sorry for the incovenience and for take so long to release the patch notes #2.


      “Remember, hate is always foolish, and love is always wise."