Patch Notes #6

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    • Patch Notes #6

      Token Points
      • Ranked Battle - The current Token Point calculation it's based by the amount of Mudosa earned in the Ranked Battle
        • Current Formula: Token points = Mudosa points / 10
      • Time Machine Quests - Token points for TMQ, it's based on "GBT-Hope Coupons", progress points are ganned while you kill mobs
        • Current Formula: Token points = Accumulated TMQ points / 5
        • Note: TMQ points are earned for killing monsters during TMQ, they are used to get TMQ coupons - the ones you can exchange for buff in GBT robot. 1 coupon is equall to 1000 TMQ points.
        • Note2: Using TMQ points to get coupons do NOT decrease token gain at the end of TMQ
      • Ultimate Dungeons - It is based on the total mobs killed before final boss death.
      • Notes: TMQ/UD token gains are NOT related to party member count or levels.
        Remember, the current calculations it's subject to be changed in the future updates.
      • Stone Shards - Added Red and Blue stone shards to be droped in the mobs.
        • Note: Remember that to craft with Stone Shards you'll need the folowing item:
      Can be obtanable at Token Shop or Craft NPCs

      • TMQ/UD boss drop rarity - Now TMQs and UDs can drop items with rarity from superior to legendary. The higher difficulty of TMQ/UD the higher chance to get better item grade.
      • TMQ level - TMQ armor levels fit with TMQ level difficulty, there is adjusted dificulty table for TMQ
      TMQ Difficulty Drop level
      TMQ1 Easy 24
      TMQ1 Normal 26
      TMQ1 Hard 29
      TMQ2 Easy 32
      TMQ2 Normal 35
      TMQ2 Hard 38
      TMQ3 Easy 40
      TMQ3 Normal 43
      TMQ3 Hard 45
      TMQ4 Easy 46
      TMQ4 Normal 49
      TMQ5 Normal 48
      TMQ5 Hard 52
      TMQ6 Normal 51
      TMQ6 Hard 54
      TMQ7 Normal 58

      • Drop Table - Added drop tables for TMQ/UD 61~70 (will be used for future new TMQs and UDs)
      • Fix htb command - @fixhtb command will restore the HTB1, requirements: be adult and have master class

      Friend List
      • Invite Party - Fixed not being able to invite friend from friendlist into a Party
      • Player Area - Fixed a bug of showing "Unknown Area" instead of the current player location
      • Friend Online - Fixed a bug of don't showing friend online to the recent added friend
      • Login While Friend Online - Fixed a bug that wasn't showing the friend when you login and the friend was already online
      • Order - Fixed a bug that was making your friendlist become invisible after clicking in "Order by X" button
      • Friend Still Online - Fixed a bug that was showing friend online even after he log out
      • HTB Reset - Fixed a bug that was reseting the HTB until the character relog when you reset your current Skill Build
      • Reset UD - Fixed a bug that it was being make you be able to Reset UD inside the UD
      • CCBD Potions - Fixed a bug that was making the CCBD Potions don't be reactivated after trying to do the CCBD for the second time. This fix apply to every buffs that should be enabled/disabled based on world rules (ex rank battle).
      • LP & EP Regeneration - Fixed a bug that was making be able to regenerate your LP & EP with Recovering Items inside the CCBD.
      • CCBD Buff - Fixed a bug that was making CCBD middle buff is applied only on killer, not to the whole party.
      • 90F Ultra - Fixed a bug that 90F Ultra were not respawning after getting killed, this fix should be applied to every other similar problem (ex CCBD 40F, 65F)
      • 90F Party Ultras - Fixed a bug that 90F Ultra Mobs were not in Party with the BOSS and because of it were not walking with the BOSS
      • U70 Green - Fixed green U70 drop (ID issue)
      • TMQ/UD BOSS - It was not being possible to drop Rare and Legendary from these Bosses
      • Kick out from Party - Fixed a bug that was making be able the leader kick the player from the Party while doing TMQ and CCBDs.
      Auction House
      • Disabled - Fixed a bug that was disabling the auction house after some time online
      • Time Limit - Fixed a bug that was reseting the item time limit from Auction House when one server is restarted
      • Monster's Group - Fixed a bug that some Monsters from TMQ was not in the same group, this was making the being able to kill one monsters without Aggro others in some Boss Battles. example TMQ1 last boss.
      • Generating Aggro - Fixed a bug that was making Miss, Block, Immune and Resist not generating Aggro. Now you can initiate fight even if first hit is miss.

      • CCBD Reconnect System - Now after DC in CCBD it is possible to get back to instance, in order to do that just invite DCed player and he will be auto teleported back.
        • Note: It will NOT work if player received CCBD reward or disconnected as dead to prevent abuses.
      • Roaming Ultra on Papaya - Roaming Ultras on Papaya now have drop improved, they drop more items, stones now have higher chance to drop, and item rarity is higher than before.
      • Lucky Drop - Is now equal to drop x5 instead of x10
      • Instances (TMQ/UD/Sky Dungeons) - Casual drop rarity is higher than open world (around 50% higher)
      • Trash Material - Removed drop of old trash materials to drop from boxes
      • Upgrade Stone - Lowered slightly upgrade stone drop rates, but due to the red and blue shard drop overall stone income should be slightly higher then before (aproximietely 10% higher)
      • TLQ Commands - @guard, @charge commands has been disabled since TLQ 1 and TLQ 2 are working perfectly fine, @dash will still be possible to use for now until we fix some random trigger issues in the Goku Cutscene
      • Adult Command - @adult it's disabled since adult quest it's working. Everyone with master class is now adult, soon we will add kid clock for those who want play as kid.
      • Skill Reset - @skillreset now requires SKILL permission, all players will still be able to reset skill using NPC's Skill Reset.
      Loading Screen
      • Keyboard Loading Screen - Now will run smooth on low end PCs
      Launcher Tweaks
      • Language Flag - Now you'll be able to see the current selected language directly from the launcher Main Screen
      • Update System - Changed the Launcher update system, now everytime that he opens, he will verify the files integrity and compare with the current server hosted files
      • Translation Update System - Now you will only be able to change the currrent game language after the main update be finished,
      Cash shop
      • Item remove - Every cash shop item were removed to prevent spread of fake news about p2w, previous item setup were from retail.
      NPC shop
      • Turtle book - Every NPC which had turtle book, now have new one which have same effects as old one, but reversed by gender.

      Token shop

      • Grind exp - Grind experience increased, from 70% norm to 150%.

      Chat Server
      • Friend List - Fixed a bug that was crashing the chat server due to friendlist
      • Channel 2 - Fixed a bug that was making chat server crashing while typing in the Channel 2 (PvP Channel)
      • Friend List - Fixed a bug that was crashing the client when mouse hover your friend Area from your friendlist
      Game Server
      • All Channels Off - Fixed a bug that was crashing all the game server at the same time

      English Translation
      • Fixed Dragon Skill Name, some interface changes, some quests translated.
      Portuguese Translation
      • Fixed Dragon Skill Name, some interface changes.
      French Translation
      • Fixed Dragon Skill Name, some interface changes.
      Korean Translation
      • Fixed Dragon Skill Name, some interface changes.
      Chinese Translation
      • Fixed Dragon Skill Name, some interface changes.
      Spanish Translation
      • Fixed Dragon Skill Name, some interface changes.

      Critical Bugs
      • We know about the issue where Mobs are invincible or die upon render. This is almost fixed, and for now we are using a temporary fix that makes this bug less likely to occur.
        • Note: In some rare instances you may still experience this bug, if this happens just relog or change channels.
      • Sometimes you can end up in Westland if you forcefully quit an instance (TMQ/TLQs etc). This will be fixed later on.
      • Players may end up in a blank map when using teleporters at Papaya Island.


      This update take more time than expected due to some needed tests in the Dev Server.


      “Remember, hate is always foolish, and love is always wise."