Patch Notes #6.5

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  • Patch Notes #6.5

    • Christmas Map has been added to the game.
      • Notes: Expect some christmas event being released soon

    • Monster Heal Calculations - Some monsters heal skills were not being calculated correctly, now calculations are retail like.
    • Mob Doing Anything - Some mobs doing any action or skill attacks.
    • TMQ Boss Ball - Mob from TMQ 7 not healing Boss.
    • Mob Disapearing - UD2 1st boss (big robot), running out of his follow range caused him to disappear instead back to spawn place.
    • Mob Reward Range - Monster's rewarding range were set to 50m, this caused to monster have no drop, no exp or not count for quests, this could cause TMQ to be stuck at some quests making it impossible to complete.
    • Can't write - Fixed one bug that was causing not being able to write on global chats after change channel.
    • /invite - Fixed one bug that wasn't being able to use /invite on players and recive the friendlist invite.
    • Instance Teleportation - After exiting/quiting from some instances, the player was being set to the coords 0/0/0 or default position, now player should be placed before instance enterace.
    • Dragon Balls on Bank - Fixed a bug that was being able to add the Dragon Balls in the bank.
    • Skill on Slide State - Slide state not allowed to cast skills, now it is possible.

    • Lucky Drop - Now it's not anymore possible to have lucky drop in Boss monsters.
    • New Spawned - New spawned mobs from instances/quests now join the aggro if there is ongoing fight within Monster's party.
    Token Points
    • Instance Farming - Now it's Limited to 2 respawns (ex tmq1 first saibamans only count up to 2 kills)
    Game Server
    • Reload Data (Dev Side) - New command has been added to the Game Server, such as load modified data files without need to restart the server
    • Verify Build - New system has been added to ensure that the whole update was been entirelly added to the alpha server

    Chat Server
    • Trade Chat Party Invitation - Fixed a crash that was causing crash in the chat server when someone invite the player from other channel directly from the Trade Chat
    • /Invite command - Fixed a crash when someone invite player using /invite command
    Game Server
    • Crash Issues - Fixed more than 5 different crashes issues in the game server.

    English Translation
    • Some items and quests translated.
    Portuguese Translation
    • Some items and quests translated.
    French Translation
    • N/A
    Korean Translation
    • N/A
    Chinese Translation
    • N/A
    Spanish Translation
    • Some quests translated

    • We know about the issue where Mobs are invincible or die upon render. This is almost fixed, and for now we are using a temporary fix that makes this bug less likely to occur.
      • Note: In some rare instances you may still experience this bug, if this happens just relog or change channels.
    • Players may end up in a blank map when using teleporters at Papaya Island


    This was made in only 4 days, it's not one big patch note, it was focused into give game stabilities and fix a lot of crash issues.


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