Patch Notes #8

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    • Patch Notes #8

      Client 3.0 (Experimental) - Patch Notes #3
      New in 3.0
      Color Vibrance Option - Added color vibrance option in 'other effects'

      • Description - This will add more vibrance to the game colors, with this option enabled, the game color pallete will become more accurate.

      • Bloom Option - Added Bloom option in 'other effects'

        • Description - This effect it's mainly applied if you activate together with "Color Vibrance", this will add more bloom/bright to your game depending on the scene illumination.

      Note: Mostly of the differences will be only possible to be noticed when playing in-game.
      Peformance Cost Color Vibrance - N/A Bloom - 10% less performance

      • Window Mode (WIP) - Added one option to choose between 3 types of window mode (One new mode added)
        • Fullscreen - This will make your game work on Full Screen mode

        • Bordeless (NEW) - This will make your game work on windowed mode but without border.

          • Note: With this mode, who have 2 screens or more will have one way better game experience.
        • Window - This will make your game work on windowed mod

      • Scouter Chip - Added Scouter Chip system
        • Notes: Still in Working Progress and will be complety reworked in future updates
        • Notes2: When the rework in Scouter system be completed, one guide will be released in the game forum.
      UI in 3.0
      • Goal UI - Now the quest goal objective is larger to fit at least 4 lines of texts instead of retail 2 lines.

      • Amount of Goals - Now it's telling the amount of quest goals collected/completed as 1.0.
      • TMQ End Result - This UI is now working as 1.0 and it's telling the amount of Experience gained in TMQ.
      • Mail - Added "System Mail" tab
      • Drop Item - Now it will show all the item effects when droped from one mob
      • FXAA Option - added Antialiasing button in 'other effects'

        • Notes: Current Anti-Aliasing option only countains FXAA mode, we will add more and better AA effects in future.
      Bug Fixes in 3.0
      • Usable Item - Fixed bug that was making bug in the animation on usable items.
      • Skill Animation - Fixed buffs skill about animation speed
      • Jump Bug - Fixed some bugs in the animation while jumping
      • State System - Fixed few states system bugs
      • Crash on Dialogs - Fixed some crashs in Dialogs
      • Map Crash - Fixed some maps crashing the client (For example in TMQ 7)
      • TMQ Cutscenes - Fixed some cutscenes scripts not being loaded corretly
      • Mail Crash - Fixed crash in the Mailbox
      • Collect While Flying - Fixed bugs of colleting items while flying.
      • Cancel Skills in Vehicle - Fixed bug of canceling skill when using vehicle
      • Unable to Move in Vehicle - Fixed bug of being unable to move while riding in the vehicle
      • Crash Using Vehicle - Fixed Crash when the character was using vehicle when attacked by one mob
      • Character Unable to Respawn - Fixed one bug related to character unable to respawn after crash while using vehicle.
      • Crashing When other Uses Vehicle - Fixed crashing when other players uses some vehicles and trigger mobs aggro.
      • TMQ stuck in 3.0 - In some rare cases it was possible to get stuck after cutscenes.
      Known Issues in 3.0
      • Auction House it's not working
      • If you walk in vehicle using the mouse, maybe the mobs will not spawn
        • Note: To fix it, just walk in the vehicle with WASD
      Notes: Remember that the developer team for client 3.0 it's separated from server development team

      Chat Server
      • Reworked - Chat server has been now completely reworked to prevent freezes and problems.
        • Notes: This rework take a little bit more time than normal, but it should fix freezes in the chat server, and make it more stable.
      • Auto Reconnect - Now if the chat server crash, all already online players will be reconnected to the chat server without need relog
      • Metric system - Added new metric system to improve our server status monitoring and performance.
      • GM Commands - Few GM commands to help testing new features that will come in next updates.

      • Untargattable Mobs - Fixed one bug that was making mobs becoming untargattable if they attack while you was flying.
      • Picking up item - Sometimes items was not being added correctly in the bag, but as one stack in Mistery Item
      • Myster item chance - Items with visual drop other than capsule could drop as mystery item (ex event coint) it is no longer possible.
      Game Server
      • Going to Channel 2 - Change channel sometimes was bugging the character chat and was not being able to see other characters chat.
      ★Query Server★
      • Channel Status - Disabled some heavy tasks which could cause Query Server lag and therefore cause display channel status incorrectly as inactive.

      Game Server
      • Random Crashes - Fixed a lot of random crashes in the game server that happened in the last weeks
      • Instance Pool - Fixed one bug that was making instance crash channel if it's being made by more than 4 different peoples in different words at the same time.
      • Mail - Sending some items could cause crash
      Query Server
      • Auction House Sorting - Some special cases of sorting could cause Query Server crash.
      Chat Server
      • Crash - Fixed some crashes in the chat server that happened in the last weeks
        • Note: It maybe will still crash sometimes, but silence fixes will be made within the days to fix all crashes and give more stability to the reworked chat server.

      English Translation
      • Added new interface strings for client 3.0, translated some items, fixed some NPCs names This is ready.
      Portuguese Translation
      • Added new interface strings for client 3.0, translated some items, fixed some NPCs, fixed some quests errors, fixed some interface errors This is ready.
      French Translation
      • Added new interface strings for client 3.0 This is ready.
      Korean Translation
      • Added new interface strings for client 3.0 This is ready.
      Chinese Translation
      • Added new interface strings for client 3.0 This is ready.
      Spanish Translation
      • Added new interface strings for client 3.0 This is ready.

      Critical Bugs
      • Sometimes when you enter in one Dungeon, maybe the mobs will take a little bit to respawn, to fix it just relog or change channel.
      • Players may end up in a blank map when using teleporters at Papaya Island.
        • Note: If you have issues with teleporting, use the command @tppopo or the Ask Popo skill

      This Patch Note was focused into fix some important bugs that take a little bit more time to be fixed
      It's not one big patch note, but for sure this is a critical one and very important to server stability.


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