Balance Rumors

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  • Balance Rumors

    Hello everyone,

    I would like to address a few false rumors that have been circulating regarding class balance in DBOZ.

    1. Balance Team.

    There is no such thing as a balance team in DBOZ, if someone says they are a member of such a team, they are simply lying.
    I work on balance on my own. I read other people's suggestions and they are only implemented in cases where I believe they are really good.

    1.b. Sendoku's Balance.

    Sendoku is NOT responsible for any balance changes; as aforementioned no one except me can touch balance for now.
    Every rumor regarding this has been spread for the sole purpose of discrediting DBOZ.

    2. Crane is the most OP class.

    Crane has not received many balance changes as of yet, there were some little tweaks in Spiritualist skill tree, but these are mostly to fix the visual confusion with Crane's passive skill. The damage of Spiritualist's DoTs remain low.
    You have probably noticed four "new" skills in Crane's skill tree (skill calculator). Those have only been added here TEMPORARILY, so that our bug-trackers can test them out. They are NOT planned to remain exactly as they are now. As of right now Crane's balance is very close to retail, however with that being said a lot of changes have already been planned to make Crane more fair & fun to play.

    3. DW is stronger than SK.

    I think we can all agree that SKs were overpowered and DWs were lacking in some areas.
    DBOZ partially fixed both issues, which meant some nerfs/tweaks for SK and buffs for DW. However I would not say that DW is now better than SK, as they both are good in their own way due to their different playstyles.
    Both classes will be strongly tested balance-wise and will receive further adjustments.
    Our goal is to make both classes able to engage in both PVP and PVE, in which SK will be slightly more focused at PvP and DW at PvE.

    These false rumors have mostly been spread by people who are trying to damage DBOZ's reputation for several reasons such as: being strongly bound to competitive projects or being denied to be apart of the DBOZ project in past. These individuals have not even had the opportunity to test out DBOZ, which is clearly necessary to have a good look at our balance.
    Last thing, current balance is not final, a lot work ahead of us, tests, calculations, changes, new features, everything to give you well balanced fun and fair experience.
    The official list of tweaks will be published soon; If you are still concerned and want to know truth, feel free to ask questions on forum.