Patch Notes #9

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    • Patch Notes #9

      Client 3.0 (Experimental) - Patch Notes #4

      ★ Added in 3.0
      • Auction House (WIP) - Auction house has been added to 3.0.
        • Note: It may have some interface errors and crashes that will be fixed in next few updates.
      • Namek Skin - Now the skin color options for Nameks have been added to client 3.0.
      • Attribute System - The attribute system is now working in 3.0 exactly as it does in 1.0.
      New in 3.0
      • 3D Sound - Fixed sound volume according to distance of sound, now it's working & smooth.
      • 3D Sound Camera - The 3D audio will be based by your camera rotation instead of your character rotation by default.
      • Mouse Sensitivity - Added mouse sensitivity options in Options>Game>Other.
        It will give to you the possibility to set your mouse speed in the camera movement.

      ★ Game Client
      • Configuration Files - Configuration files for 3.0 are now separated from 1.0
      • Performance Boost - Improvements that gives arround 40% better performance and stability to the game.
      • New Dogis Compatibility - New Dogis have now compatibility with client 3.0
      • Camera Lag Input - Fixed camera movement when playing in lower fps.
      • Vehicle Crash - Fixed crash when using vehicles.
      • HTB Crash - Fixed crash in HTBs
      Known Issues in 3.0
      • Mobs will not spawn if you move around in a vehicle using the mouse.
        • Note: To fix this bug, move around in vehicles using WASD.
      Notes: Remember that the developer team for client 3.0 is different from the server development team.

      ★ New Dogis
      • Say Hello to the two new Dogi in-game.
        • Note: Since we take so long to release the patch notes, our team decided to release two of our new Dogis in the Alpha!
          Expect a lot more new Dogis in the Beta!
      ★ Bardock Dogi - Type A!

      ★ Bardock Dogi - Type B!

      Notes: Current new Dogis Models still in Work in Progress and probably will be changed in future updates.
      Token Shop
      • Say Hello to new Dogis - News Dogis has been added in the token shop.
      Added Dogi Token Points

      • Convert Token Points - Now you have access to Cash Shop Items, this item can be used to convert your token points into cash points.
      Can be used to convert your token points into cash points

      ★ Cash Shop
      • Cash Shop Items - Some Items has been added in Cash Shop for testing proposes, go take a look which items are available!
        • Note: Cash Shop items right now are only used for testing, items and prices are not final yet, obtain cash points exchanging token points.
      • Upgrade Announcement - Is now displayed and it will be shown when someone upgrades to +10, exactly like retail DBO

      • Summoning Shenron - If your character relogs while you've summoned Shenron, you will lose one Dragon Ball and Shenron will be despawned, so it no longer locks Altair.
      • Launcher Language - The launcher now correctly saves your chosen game language.
      • Fix Button - This will verify the integrity of your game files and fix broken/corrupted files.

      Ranked Battle
      • Ask Popo -You can no longer use the Ask Popo skill during Ranked Battles.
      • Cannot Collect Zeni - Fixed a bug that meant in some rare cases, you were not able to collect your own Zeni.
      • Stealing Zeni - Fixed a bug that was enabled you to collect Zeni that belongs to other players.
      • Lava Damage (WIP) - Fixed the code message that appeared while swimming in lava; your character now takes damage while you enter lava.
        • The current lava damage calculation is still a Work in Progress.
      • Cannot Cast Skill - Fixed a bug that made your character unable to use skills after leaving an instance (such as Ranked Battle).
      • White Color - Fixed a bug that made your human hair color, or majin skin color randomly become white.
      • Location Desync - Fixed a bug that would create desync if players made a collision with an object.
      • Summoning Shenron - Fixed a bug that meant Shenron remained summoned if you re-logged without the "Limited time" ending.
      Token Shop
      • Renew Item - Renewing items is now working and will not take away your token points without renewing your item.
      • Free Fuel and Bags - Fixed a bug that was enabled obtaining fuels and inventory bags for free.
      • Ways to Generate Aggro - Now all effects can generate aggro, such as healing skills, dot, burn damage etc.
        • Notes: Aggro will be further balanced in the future.
      ★ Friend List ★
      • Duplicated Character - The bug where you deleted one character and then created the same character again meant that they would appear on the friend-list twice has been fixed
      • Load Fail - Fixed a bug that showed some deleted characters as load fail when they were added as a friend in the friend list.
      • Blacklist - If someone has blacklisted you, the player will no longer appear as online in your friend list.
      ★ Movement ★
      • Collision - Fixed collision with objects causing desync in other player's screens
      ★ TMQ ★
      • Out location - Players should no longer be teleported to westland or default location after you exit TMQ (exit, DC, logout)

      City Leaving
      • Crash for New Players - Fixed crashing in main cities that occurred for new players that downloaded the game recently.

      English Translation
      • Reviewed some quests, translated some new effects, translated some new items. This is ready.
      Portuguese Translation
      • Translated some quests from Porunga Rock South, fixed some quests, translated some new effects, translated some new items. This is ready.
      French Translation
      • Translated some new effects, translated some new items. This is ready.
      Korean Translation
      • Translated some new effects, translated some new items. This is ready.
      Chinese Translation
      • Translated some new effects, translated some new items. This is ready.
      Spanish Translation
      • Translated quests from Porunga Rock South, translated some of the help system, translated some of the new Skill Effects, fixed some skill effects, translated some new items. This is ready.

      Critical Bugs
      • Mobs may take a while to respawn when you enter a dungeon. To fix this, relog or change channel.
      • Players may end up in a blank map when using teleporters at Papaya Island.
        • Note: If you have issues with teleporting, use the command @tppopo or the Ask Popo skill

      We are preparing our Client 3.0 to be the main client, soon 1.0 will be no longer supported,
      Before we go with 3.0, we are planning to do one big server update with a lot of bug fixes at the beginning of March.
      That's why our patch notes took more than 1 month to be released, the next few patch notes will being posted more often now.


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