Client 3.0 Contents

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    • Client 3.0 Contents

      ★ Linux / Mac
      • There is compatibility with both operating systems, using Wine and Vulkan. There is also a profile in PlayOnLinux.
      • Implementation of a new bugtrap system.
      • Added new TLQ Icon
      • Party members GUI can be moved around by right clicking in the Party Member and selecting "Move Up" or "Move Down".
      • 3D Sound.
      • Highly faster loading times.
      • Added a Mute option in the Sound Menu.
      • New colours for item rankings have been added.
      • Now game physics has been improved and it's better than the retail client.
      • Added one option to choose between 3 types of window mode. (Bordeless Mode Added)
      • Added Aggro Relative option, it will change player in the aggro list based by the mob aggro (off) or by the player aggro (on)
      • Added mouse sensitivity options in Options>Game>Other.
      • Added auto-world wrapper, now all quests and chat will break the lines in the correct way automatically.

      • The old weight system UI has been replaced with a buff counter.
      • We added one new options in the game graphics menu, it's called "Anisotropic Filtering", it will have option to x1 until x16.

      Peformance Cost X8 - 1% less performance x16 - 2% less performance

      • We've added one Work in Progress solution for antialiasing in the game, for now you'll have only FXAA enabled, you can activate in the option called "Antialiasing", it's use the SMAA solution, this means that will not take too much of game performance, but it will make the game a little bit more blurier, it's recommended to high resolution screens.

      Peformance Cost FXAA - 8% less performance

      • Added color vibrance option in 'other effects'

      • Added Bloom option in 'other effects

      Peformance Cost Color Vibrance - N/A Bloom - 10% less performance

      • Performance has been highly optimized, FPS has been more than doubled, and medium end GPUs can reach more than 300+ stable fps without frametime issues.

      Computer Specs

      APU VEGA 3 - 1GB Vram
      CPU AMD ATHLON 3000G 3.5 Ghz (Stock)
      RAM 2x8 Overclocked to 2400Mhz
      OS Windows 10 Home 64 Bits

      This is only one little quick resume of what has been made in 3.0, there still a lot other several changes and bug fixes that are available in our Patch Notes

      This is just the start, there will be much more coming in future!


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