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  • [Guide] Scouter System

    About scouter and scouter system

    Our scouter is based on KR client with first person scan option and with ability to be upgraded with chips.
    This means that each scouter have storage for chips inside.
    Now this guide will be edited from time to time if needed to when other chips be added or removed,
    and of course, when several changes be made in this scouter chip system in futher updates.
    I will cover in this guide mostly crucial utility chips needed for you to fully experience the game.

    Your scouter will also be added near your inventory bags, as shown in picture below.

    Here is example of storage of scouter and some of its chips:

    As you can see there are only 4 chip slots space and max Weight for it is 550 W.
    Since this are utility chips and each of them take 1 power aka 1 W, it is 4/550 W.
    In order to access to scouter inventory, you will need to right click on scouter in inventory or press U.

    Scouter Chips

    Utility Chips
    Equipment Chip ( Scan other player's equipment ) ►

    • Can be obtained in Westcity scouter NPC
    Disturbance Chip ( Disturbing other players scan function so they can't scan you ) ►

    • Cannot be obtained yet.
    Dragon Ball Chip ( Dragon Ball radar, it enables the Dragon Ball Hunt Event) ►

    • Can be obtained in Token Shop.
    Item Data Chip ( Can identify mystery items and option will be added to your scouter menu ) ►

    • Cannot be obtained yet.

    Note: This guide will change as more chips get officially approved and added to the game.

    @Iceman for create the original guide, template and system.


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