Patch notes #10

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  • Patch notes #10

    These patch notes focus on the change from the previous client to client 3.0, so you should expect them to be focused on bug fixes.
    The Patch Notes from our client is now merged with the server's.
    If you are having issue after this update, please contact our team in our official Discord.

    • Client Switch - 1.0 has been fully removed and 3.0 is now our main client, this is client was previously in the Experimental phase but has now entered the Alpha phase.
      • Notes: If you are having issues with client 3.0, please try and see to this thread first before contacting us: [Fix] Launcher Problems - Support.
      • Notes 2: This is one big change, so of course new bugs are to be expected. Please report new bugs in our forum's Bug Report section.
      • Notes 3: Your computer will now require Directx End-User (June 2010) to run the game.

    • Food - Retail foods for restoring your LP/EP will only restore them if you remain sitting.
      • Notes: Expecting new foods coming in the future with the new crafting system - they will contain new features.
    • Better Locations - Both the client/server will now display players' locations more accurately.
      • Notes - This system is a WIP, so there may be some bad player synchronization. This will be fixed within the next few updates.
    ★ Client
    • Loading - Improved the loading system.
    • Resultcodes Tweaks - Made some changes in resultcodes system, and now the majority of error messages will be displayed correctly.
      • Notes - Some resultcodes may still show incorrectly, but this will be fixed within time.
    • dbolog.txt - Improved the log registery.
    • False Positive - Fixed the false positive virus warning in the majority of Antivirus software.
    Online Scanners:

    • PvP Channel Visual - The PvP Channel (Channel 2) will have an icon indicating that it's PvP related.
      • Notes: Expect a lot of new content exclusive to the PvP channel in the future.
    • AoE Skill Area Effects - Area effects from AoE skills will have different colours, which are based on which type of AoE effect is applied.
    Damage/DoT Red
    Buff/DirectBless Yellow
    Debuff/DirectDurse Purple
    Heal/HoT Green

    Alpha Commands
    • @setclass - This command can only be used at level 31.
      • Note - Do not use this command if you have HTB.
      • Note2 - Do not use this command before starting the adult/subclass quest.
    • @guard - Command activated temporally, use if you cannot complete the TLQ.
    • @charge - Command activated temporally, use if you cannot complete the TLQ.

    ★ Auction House
    • Auction House Sorting - Almost all forms of item sorting are functional in the Auction House. This feature will be tweaked in the future.
      • All - Working
      • Weapon - Working
      • Sub Weapon - Working
      • Armor - Working
      • Acessory - Working
      • Scouter - Not Working Yet
      • Restaure - Working
      • Recipe - Not Working Yet
      • Other - Working
      • Fee - Working
      • Level - Working
      • Price - Working
      • Remaining Time - Working
      • Name Search - Working
    • Auction House Sell Windows - Fixed Auction House selling windows that were not finished.
    • Information Not Being Updated - Fixed extra channel information not being displayed, such as custom channel names and icons.
    • Chat Random Messages in Party - Fixed random people speaking in your party chat.
      • Note: This fix still needs to be confirmed, if you still have this issue after the update, please it report on Discord.
    • Mobs Aggro - Fixed problem with mobs ignoring the most aggroed player and facing only who attacked first with auto attack.
    Auction House
    • Selling in Auction House - Fixed not able to sell items on auction house due to not finished sell interface.
    • Can see other people Items - Fixed one bug in AH that you was able to see other people items in your own sell windows.
      • Note: This is one bug that still need to be confirmed if it's fixed, if are facing this issue, please report on Discord.
    - Fixed the lack of fatigue animation after expiring.
    - Item will not give anymore quest failed if you fail the quest at trying to killing Korin mobs.
    - Fixed skin color in Male Human characters.
    • Adult Class Quest - Fixed one bug of sometimes Super Divine Water item don't appearing in players inventory.
    • TMQ Countdown - Fixed one bug of character don't be able to quit from TMQ after countdown reach to 0.
      • Note - This bug still need confirmation, please report to our devs if you still getting this issue.
    • Cannot Reveal Area - Fixed a bug that the player was not being able to reveal the area sometimes
    • Cannot Auto Attack - Fixed a bug of player not able to auto-attack mobs if they lose some status like transformations.
    • Collision Spawn - Fixed mobs and other players not displaying correctly after some collisions between objects.
    • Character Invisible - Fixed sometimes other player becoming invisible after performing some types of skills.
      • Notes - We know that sometimes character can still be teleporting on another's player screen due to client and server comunication, we are investigating the issue.
    • AFK Mobs Appearence - Fixed error that if you become too much time AFK the mobs would stop to spawn.
    • Resist 0 DMG - Fixed when debuff is resisted 0 DMG was being showed, now it's not anymore visible.
    • Penetatring Skills - Fixed all mobs around being reseted and the attacked mob obtain 100% LP after uses skills with penetrating effects.
    • Realocation Skills - Fixed all types of skills that requires realocation.
    • Stretch Skills - Fixed all types of issues in Stretch skills, including scretch don't showing at all if we change target fast.
    Some Skills Fixed:
    - Fixed don't strech the hand with fist.
    - fixed bug for mystic attack, target is no longer pulled if skill gets resist.
    - Fixed character stop moving.
    - Fixed character not going to the back of the enemy after skill being casted.
    - Fixed sometimes mobs stop aggroing after casting this skill.
    - Fixed not teleporting the character few meters and monsters sometimes losing aggro.
    - Fixed synchronization and some bugs related to this skill.
    • Not Spawning with Mouse - Fixed a bug that MOBS and NPCs was not spawning if using vehicle only with mouse
    • Black Sky - Fixed black hole in the sky in 3.0
    ★ Launcher
    • Account State Verification Fix - Now the launcher support the "Account Already Connected" error state in client 3.0 (This update will be applied to the launcher today)
    • Account Information Verification Fix - Now the launcher support the "Wrong username or password" error state in client 3.0 (This update will be applied to the launcher today)

    Auction House
    • Auction House - Fixed all auction house crash isssues.
    • Shenron During Transformation - Use Shenron altar while transform status crashing client has been fixed.
    • Tutorial Crash - Fixed crash on Tutorial when using english translation, tutorial has been reactivated and working 100%.
    • Channel Crash - Fixed frequently channel crashes that happened in the first day of client switch patch.
    • Client Crash in Villages - Fixed some random crashes when entering in villages.
    • Crash on Namekians - Fixed crash for some Namekians characters in the selection screen.
    • Crash With AoE Skills - Fixed AoE skills dealing crashes to players.
    Some example of AoE Skills Crashes:
    - Fixed crash on other players arround you after casting this skill.

    English Translation
    • Added some new strings for client 3.0, reviewed some quests, fixed some mobs names, fixed some item names. This is ready.
    Portuguese Translation
    • Added some new strings for client 3.0, fixed some quests, fixed some effect status, fixed some mobs names, fixed some NPCs dialogs, fixed dragon skills names and description. This is ready.
    French Translation
    • Added some new strings for client 3.0, fixed some break lines translation. This is ready.
    Korean Translation
    • Added some new strings for Client 3.0. This is ready.
    Chinese Translation
    • Added some new strings for Client 3.0. This is ready.
    Spanish Translation
    • Added some new strings for client 3.0, Translated Porunga Rock South Quest, Translated Fran Fran Desert North Quests, translated Korin Village Quests, Half of Westland Translated, Translated TMQs Opening Files, translated some interface textures, translated skill effects texture, fixed some french and portuguese lines showing in the spanish translation. This is ready.

    Critical Bugs
    • Mobs may take a while to respawn when you enter a dungeon. To fix this, relog or change channel.
    fly scroll is not working after client switch, it will be fixed later on, you can use @FLY command at level 30.
    • Sometimes when you are doing TLQs, maybe you can face "String Not Found" message in the chat, forfeit the quest and try again in another channel.
    • Players may end up in a blank map when using teleporters at Papaya Island.
      • Note: If you have issues with teleporting, use the command @tppopo or the Ask Popo skill

    Since our client 3.0 entered now in Alpha phase, is known that new bugs will be found by players,
    these new found bugs is being quickly fixed in mini-updates,
    quick fixes will only be announced on patch notes.

    Please report all found bugs in our Report Bugs forum,
    Please see if the bug was already reported to help the Bug tracker's life (Only english reports)

    For now we are using the old Retail TW Font, in future we will create one Font Change system, so you'll be able to choose your own favorite font.


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