what is best for pvp Fighter or Swordsman?

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    • Well that really depends. Both are very effective.

      Fighter is definitely easier to play, cuz it's just "stun and kill" with relying on dodge to survive. Dodge is just RNG and gear. It's one of the easiest classes in game for PvP.

      With swordsman you have to practice KD timing, try and hit from the back for more DMG, think of how to deal with opponent breaking out of your stun/KD lock. Also making the actual build is harder, etc. As you can figure, more skill needed here.

      Is all the extra effort for swordsman worth it, though? It is, if you like playing them more than fighters. Are they a better class than fighter for PvP? No. Fighter will still beat you if he just dodges your stuff.

      So, i would say they are equally effective, but Fighter is easier to play. You can decide whether that means its a better class or not.



    • ReyXD1 wrote:

      I just want to know which of these two classes is better in pvp I have already used both and I like both but I want to know which is better :x032:
      It depends, Fighters sometimes can do an instakill, Swordsmen need some extra positioning (hit from back) for better dmg.

      Both are funny to play btw

      So..If u are new in the game try Fighters! if u want a "challenge" then Swordman :P