Dual Talent Specialization !

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    • Dual Talent Specialization !

      Hello, as in the thread name it's simple what this feature will do : Dual Talent Specialization is basically a thing that let's you switch between two different Talent Builds without having to reset all the time. This is super helpful for people that would like to do both PvP/PvE content without much trouble since some classes have different builds for PvP and PvE which means you will be forced to do a reset all the time if you want to do one or the other and it can get annoying sometimes. Of course this shouldn't be a free feature but instead you should make it unlockable after certain level like how Super Saiyan works. This can be either unlocked via Dragon Balls Wish or with Zeni something like around the price 1kk-3kk (this can be adjusted to dev's taste as long as it reasonable price). This feature can be accessed by pressing K=Skill Book and there should be two separate small windows for original one and for the second one which is the new feature called Dual Specialization. So when you press either of the window's depending what you need it will change the current Build-Page but it still won't be activated unless you press the Activate Dual Specialization button. This will save your PvP/PvE Builds and you can activate either one whenever it's needed.

      I know currently balancing/bugs are the main priority so we can access Beta in, but this is a suggestion for after most of the bugs are fixed and new content is presented.

      Best regards! :x040:


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