Pinned Content Creators Recruitment - [Open]

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  • Content Creators Recruitment - [Open]

    Since the website & forums are open, we've decided to start looking for new content creators.

    There are 2 types of content creators we are looking for:

    Recruitment for Designers will come later in this thread below.

    Translators ★

    Translation requires the individual to accurately convey the meaning of written words from one language to another.
    Regarding the Korean > English translators, we have enough of them, but we can accept more "warriors" to join our ranks!
    If you have enough free time join us!

    We currently need translators who will translate from English to:

    Note: If I did not list your language and you have a strong urge that DBOZ should be translated into your language, and you are willing to fully commit to that, you are more than welcome to apply.

    Have a lot of free time and enthusiasm for work and commitment.
    Must have a certain level of knowledge of the English language.
    Must have an advanced level of knowledge of the native language so you can accurately translate from one language to another.
    ( Example: If you are translating English into Spanish, you need to know Spanish. )
    Ease in interacting with people.

    Create comfort and trust.
    Work well as a team member, since you will need to work with other translators.
    Be involved with the national community of the native language you are translating.
    ( Who better to help you find errors in Spanish, than members of the Spanish community. )

    Translator's job:
    You need to translate all the lines that the translator manager gives to you.
    You will be primarily just converting it from english to native language

    Important notice:
    There is no possibility that you get into the team and slack, just so that you can get the role.
    Everything you do with our translation tools are recorded in logs, so unless you want to fully commit to this duty, do not apply.

    How to apply and where? ★

    If you are interested, please apply via private message to @kakaichi.
    Make sure to include some form of short note about yourself and also make sure to join DBOZ Discord.

    Iceman will try to read all applications and answer them after discussing with the rest of the team so please be patient and do not spam.
    We will not consider your application if you are by any chance involved with other DBO Projects as team member.


    class13 “I’d rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who i’m not” class14

    We might see each others in some other games.
    Take care everyone!