Need Help for few small quests :)

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    • Need Help for few small quests :)

      Hi there,

      I´m realy new in this forum + in the game. After playing step by step I have reached Level 25.

      But I have few open quests, what I don´t understand...

      1. Quest "Sending mail to others!" - one of my friend plays too, we have send us good 10 mails, but we can´t complete the quest... what must we do, after "Use Mailbox" what the target say...

      2. Quest "Let´s use item disammebly!" - the same, with Sending mail. We have searched now good 10 hours or so, but havn´t find out, how to dissambly the items. The Help in game, we have seen one of those machines, we have found it - but don´t find out, what we must do there, that we disassembly the items...

      3. Quest "Adventures can do extraordinary things" The target say: "Move the Dragon Molars Big Rock and bring the shoes back." all good - but I try every new level to do anything on this rock but nothing happens. I cant get this as target, cant move this rock - nothing. What must we do, do complete this quest - or is it a bug? Dont know it... :)

      4. In Popped Village, I can see with "Quest Info" on the Map, there are two quests - but when I go to this point, there is nothing.

      First is this merchant, by this machine, where you can make upgrade stones (this is, what I have found out yesterday xd) but, this npc, don´t have a quest for me. But - with "Quest Info" on the map, there I can see, he has a quest...

      Second is one Level 7 quest Baba - A old Hero or so, this is near Kokkara Village. When I go to this point, there is nothing to see. Only big statue and thats all.

      The only thing, what I have found out too, is for the quest "A reliable partner!" to use the pet machine, that is not implented yet. :)

      Have farmed so the zenny, but yeah, cant use it. Its ok, there comes the message, but for others, there I realy need help, to understand it.

      I hope, you can help me with those quests, what I must do there.

      See ya,

      IceDancer -> in Game NoaFang ^.^
    • Hi

      1- That quest doesn't work for now.
      2- 95% craft system (for that is disassembly, get item for craft) is off

      // Forget these two quest for now.

      3- This quest should be able to complet, but maybe you have to change the channel. Sometimes that works.

      4- Probably are quest disabled, for system that are disabled xD. Just ignore it.

      5- Pets are waiting for re-work.


      Te gusta jugar al juego en español?, creo que la respuesta es si, pero ves que es muy poco lo que tenemos traducido.

      Si estas interesado en ayudar a traducir el juego, lee este post, donde vas a encontrar mas informacion: [Traducción] Buscamos traductores para el equipo de español
    • Then I try it with this Rock Stone again. But first, must afk now. When I have tried it on different channels and it´s should work/ or not, I post it here again. :)

      Dog is waiting now :D


      Thanks, have try it on Channel 4 and there has it works now, with this Dragon Rock Stone :)

      When I find more from those quest´s, where I need help, I use this thread. :)

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