Anti-gank system for PVP

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    • Anti-gank system for PVP

      Hello guys I been looking at threads and ideas for pvp, I read Icemans thread which gave me an idea how to fix, some of the issues with open world pvp that could happen. This idea will for sure improve life and quality for a lot of players who likes pvp. Most people are playing alone from time to time and some of our friends aren't on at the same time every day. If we make a open world pvp channel, some skilled players or noobs will most likely be fighting alone and getting ganked, but what if we can prevent the ganking a bit and give everyone a fair shot at pvp.

      There needs to be an anti-gank system in place in pvp or atleast a
      benefit from killing an enermy.

      I suggest a buff that increase your atk and defense prop with 9% or 12% when you kill a player. It cannot stack, but is active until it runs out. Whenever you kill a player in the timeslot of when the buff is active it renews.
      The buff time should be anything between 30-40 sec. The buff will only registre if an enermy hits you for more than 20% of your health, this will make sure that people dont abuse using low level alts to gain the buff.

      This will make it
      possible for people who do get attacked from others, to actually defend
      themself against multiple people.
      People who get killed have debuff for 10 min. to prevent them from spam attacking, but it is turned off in Dojo wars.
      The debuff is lose of 50% defense both energy and physical. If you are resurrected by a healer in battle, you will not gain the debuff, but popo resurrection won't remove the debuff. Only revival by skills will work, to prevent people from spamming popo resurrection.

      I would love to hear anyones suggestions to improve the idea of this system. I hope that this can be a thing in the future. It would be epic, imagine possible strategies to win fights. Hope you guys like this idea.

      Peace :x016:

      The post was edited 4 times, last by Taigen: *The buff attribute needed to be more specific with increase in atk and def prop with 9 % to 12 % and add enermy hit % and alt abuse. ().