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    • [Fix] Launcher Problems

      1. Launcher don't open (.dll errors)>
        Unistall all you Visual Runtime c++ from your PC
        Them download the version x86 install it in your PC, them restart your PC.

        or download this file and extract in the game folder
        If you still with the problem, jump to the 6th step in this thread.
      2. Launcher don't open 2>
        Put this file in the game folder and extract it
        Launcher Fix

        Ps: This way can cause issues with font, so go to your launcher options and click in "Fix" button.

      3. Game crashes when start>
        Use the fix Button in the launcher options, if error stay happening, redownload your game (This is happening due corrupted files)
        Game Download

      4. Game crashes when start 2>
        See if the scale of your window isn't too high (125% or 150%), and try lowering the windows scaling.

      5. Game crashes when start 3>
        Update all your PC drivers and then reistart your PC.
        Recommended program to update Drivers: Driver Booster 9 Free, you can use any Auto Update driver program or install it direct by Nvidia, AMD or Intel websites.
      6. Launcher Crashing in the Middle of the Update>
        Put the game folder as an exception to antivirus or disable your antivirus, ensure that the client.exe is not opened in the task manager.

      7. I click in play button, make the login and nothing happens>
        Put the game folder as an exception to antivirus or disable your antivirus.
        Go to your launcher configurations, and click on the Fix button.
        If don't fix it, reinstall your game with the folder that you'll install your game as an exception to your antivirus.
      8. I recive 0x000007b after clicking to open launcher>
        Recommended is to make the same first step in this thread.
        If you already made the first step but without a solution, so we recommend using the Redistributable package all in one,
        Visual C++ Redistributable Package All in One
        click on install_all.bat, It will install all of them.

      9. I'm still reciving 0x0000007b issue even after the 8th step>
        We received some reports of fixing this issue by installing visual c++ and updating the drivers of computers, so we recommend using Driver Boost or any other way to update the drivers of your computer.

      10. My launcher seems to be stuck>
        Remember that you'll need to download a lot of updates, so if it seems that your launcher is stuck, we recommend wait to ensure if it's really stuck or if it's only downloading one heavy update.

      11. It's telling me one message error about x64 version>
        This is due to corrupted launcher files, go to your launcher options and click on "Fix" button

      12. I'm having random blackscreen or DX.DLL Errors after opening the game>
        This is fixed by installing Directx End-User Runtimes
        DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010)

        How to Install Directx

      13. My ingame font is too big, how do I fix it>
        Right click on client.exe > compatibility> High DPI Override > Uncheck the box. If unchecking the box don't work, check the box and change it to "System". Then just press ok and apply.

      Remember, our minimum requirements to run the game is:

      Windows 7 Service Pack 1, 8.1, 10
      Mac/Linux Only with Wine/Play on Linux profile

      Make sure that you have your OS with the latest update available and all your drivers are properly updated to the latest version.


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