Emergency Server Maintenance #1

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    • Emergency Server Maintenance #1

      Hello DBOZ community,

      There will be a short server maintenance (5PM UTC), it will take approximately 1 hour, so server will be back at 6PM UTC.

      More informations regarding fixes and changes made by this server maintenance will be posted soon.


      “Remember, hate is always foolish, and love is always wise."
    • This emergency server maintance was only made little changes, it's focused mainly to track the critical bugs regarding mobs.

      What was made:
      -Added tools at server side to find out what is causing AI Bug (Mobs dying), so we are waiting for this bug happen again to finally find out what is really causing this bug and fix it.
      -Some changes was made by command '@fixmob', so we hope that if this bug happen, the command will now work.
      -'@setadult' command added (required lvl 30)

      Known Critical Bugs

      -TLQ 3 is not working, and will be fixed right after Dying Mobs bugs fixed. (Once you reached level 16, use @dash command)
      -Chat Server it's disabled for now to prevent bugs, it will be activated later on.
      -'AskPopo' and '@tppopo' it's bugged and will be fixed later on.
      -Sometimes you'll go to westland if you force quit from an instance (TLQ/TMQ and Etc) this will be fixed later on.
      -If you be forced to close the game, sometimes you will recive the msg 'Account already connected', this will be fixed later on.

      Know Issues

      -Netpy will be added and modified soon as all critical bugs be fixed, so you guys will be able to have vehicles and fuel.

      -Some commands (go to @help) has been added to help the players while we still have these critical bugs.
      -Server it's in debug mode, so high ping and lag it's expected, this mode it's made to register all informations possible to help track issues faster.
      -Remember, the first days and weeks of Open Alpha will have these critical issues related to high amount of players and data, but will be fixed soon as possible.


      “Remember, hate is always foolish, and love is always wise."