HELP build for Crane Hermit and Equips

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    • Crane is a class that historically was a pain to gear since if you wanted a chance to do well in PVP you will need to have dozens of armours and accessories for the various matchups in pvp and switch between gears depending on the game state mid fight.

      Since the game is in such an early stage that will get wiped when it is ready to move to beta and vastly different from retail and any other server, balance is for sure to change.

      I would just experiment with builds for the time being and have fun. For example, there is a new stat you can get on gear that reduces the damage you take from critical strikes, this stat was never in retail DBO from what I can recall and its hard to tell you what exactly what will be an adequate setup for the class you're facing against due to the infancy of the server.

      In the future hopefully good crane players will write an entire introduction guide to the class that will be able to help you out more. As of right now this is the best I can advice for gears I can give you based on fighting against good crane players and through experience with retail.

      Weapon: For gloves most competent cranes always usually run FOC gloves to be more consistent in landing their spells against classes with high dodge and resistance.

      Sub: Honestly I've seen a lot of different things from different players, some people go Crit rate, some go Physical Crit%/Energy Crit%, some hitrate, and I've even seen dodge rate. If I played crane, personally I would probably have multiple fans with different stats for the situation and matchup. But if I didn't want to do that for whatever reason, I'd probably go hitrate for the consistency again.

      Armour: Things will vary here as well depending on the matchup. (Key thing to note for some stats you can only get certain stats on a specific piece of armour. Ex. FOC only on Jacket/Pants and DEX only on Jacket/Boots. CON be on all 3 though Jacket/pants/boots).

      Lets say I'm facing a Karma Majin I would want Energy Base Defense TMQ/CCBD(these armours have the best defense values for humans, leagues better than mob drop) gear, since Karma Majins are a class that exclusively deal Energy Damage with either DEX to try and resist their Hesitation skill which is devastating for cranes to be affected by, or CON to bulk up.

      But what if we're facing a fighter? We would want Gear that is TMQ/CCBD Physical defense based this time since Fighters are mainly physical based for their good damage, with FOC to be able to land our spells on fighter since they have high dodge and good resistance, DEX for the worse case scenarios where you have to pray on dodging/resisting their spells, since fighters have low FOC and hitrate, and CON to bulk up. Since the game is in its infancy I am not too sure if having armour with Crit Damage Reduction is worth or not for cranes for matchups against classes that have big crits, but perhaps a good Crane player that has tested PVP with it could state whether it is, if not time will tell.

      As for accessories it varies even more than armours, especially considering Open Beta will have lvl caps, but a general good idea for crane is to have a success rate necklace for classes with good resist, a resistance rate necklace( everyone gets one from the popo gift box), and then depending on the matchup you will want rings/earrings/necklaces that decrease the duration of DOTS and disables for the class that you're fighting. I.E; Against SK? You will want Bleed/Fear/Paralysis reduction accessories.