Term of Service

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To send private messages or create posts you need to create at least one character in game. You can download game here.

Games Policies exist to protect our users welfare, as well as ensure that our server grows. By visiting or interacting with our website, server, or any other entity protected by our platform, you constituteand agree to whole policy therein.

If you do not agree, you are to immediately cease using our services, including removal of software/tools installed on your devices. The game policy outlined are guidelines to be used by everyoneincluding: players, game moderators, and any other entities engaging with our platform.
  • Player Harassment
    Rude behavior, obscene/sexual remarks, racism, cursing or aggressive, harassing behavior including derogatory and/or hateful comments that are sexual, racist, religious or related to gender or creed.
  • Inappropriate Character Name
    Having a name which is obscene, sexual, racist in nature or any name which the GMs see as aggressive to players.
  • Harassing DBO Zenkai Staff Members
    Any act or comment that is directed to the GM or the DBOZ Staffwhich are insulting and abusive. Any false information being disseminated against the GM or the DBOZ Staff.
  • Account Sharing
    An act of letting other people use your account.
  • Disrupting an In-game Event

    Any form or act that a player does to disrupt an in-game event. It can result in warning and disqualification from joining the event.

  • Game Integrity Infringement

  • Using Hacking Tools Using a third-party program, game client modification or using other illegal means to play the game in a manner that is not intended by the creators or sharing and selling of hacking programs or methods.
  • Botting
    Using a macro, third-party program, or physical method to play the game in a repetitive manner. (Applies to all characters of any Level)
  • Bug Abuse/Exploits Deliberate abuse of in-game bugs such as gameplay, character, interface, item, quest, non-player character (NPC) bugs.
  • Inappropriate Advertising
    Advertising hacks and hacking websites, and the act of advertising third party sources which break our Terms of Service.
  • Illegal Trading or Cash Transactions
    The action of buying and selling DBOZenkai goods with real life currency Includes the following: Direct selling and buying of Real Cash for in-game money, Trading of Real Cash for in-game items, Promoting 3rd party websites selling Real Cash, In-game money, In-game Items or Accounts or Using unauthorized websites other than DBO Zenkai.
  • Account Hacking
    Any unauthorized access to another player’s account,by illegalmeans or not.
  • In-game Item/Zeni Theft
    Scamming other players for items or zeni. Player has to return item/zeni.
  • General Fraud
    Impersonating DBOZ Staff Members, impersonating another user/player/person or attempting to deceive a Game Moderator.
  • Chargeback
    Unauthorized chargeback is a reversal, withdrawal or a return of funds to a customer which is influentially initiated by the user or by the issuing bank.
  • Payments
    All payments made to the server are voluntary. The gameplay is free. The currency purchased is "CashPoints" which can be exchanged for in-game items. A refund is only possible if points have not been spent. For this purpose, please contact us by email [email protected].
  • The Game Policies and the Penalties are subject to change without any prior notice. Any type of act or behavior deemed inappropriate by DBO Zenkai will be dealt with accordingly.
  • Service owner DreamFactory Solutions LLC, 2232 Dell Range Blvd. Ste 245, Cheyenne, WY 82009, [email protected]