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  • Planktonia -

    Hi my account is stuck right now and I can't log in. My username is Planktonia. ty

  • Picante94 -

    Hi, i need disconect my acc plis. My pj is "Booeenaass". TY !

  • bug888 -

    windows11Game won't start

  • havepen -

    i use bad internet with bad connect .game alway force closing when i got disconnect
    you must create game not closing when disconnect ty

  • GdDetonado -

    iae kakaich estou com um problema meu game da disconnect toda vez que eu aceito alguma quest nova

  • nightwoul -

    Help pls
    Already server to connected problems

  • kakaichi -

    Guys, a Warning, don't report issues with your account on my wall, I barely enter my wall in the forum.
    The most recommended is to create a Thread or report in our Discord, in these places, our team will answer and fix your issue very fast.

    That's the last warning that I'll do, I'll not anymore answer someone in my Forum Wall, if you need help, go to "Support" in our forum or simply enter in contact with us in Discord, my forum wall is not the proper place to fix bugs or errors.

  • zinn -

    ae me ajuda ai nao consigo entrar na minha conta,aparece que eu ja to conectado no serve

    minha conta:zinn

  • Crazy-K -

    hi can u tell me how to fix update failed. thanks

  • WindGrin -

    Hello, my friend, there is a HK Chinese client here, and flash is also Chinese. I hope it can help your translation work.

    • kakaichi -

      Hello, thanks, don't worry, I have already all the Chinese files ready, and will be uploaded in future updates.

    • WindGrin -

      Thank you for your efforts and wish you better and better.

  • RubenTheSSJ -

    Bro Look My Thread

  • kakaichi -

    Guys, a Warning, don't report issues with your account on my wall, I barely enter my wall in the forum.
    The most recommended is to create a Thread or report in our Discord, in these places, our team will answer and fix your issue very fast.

  • RubenTheSSJ -

    hey bro i cant conect it says account already conected Char name:RubenTheWarrior1

  • td914302063 -

    By the way..When I tried to get into the hidden area in the upper right cornor of Korarea,my gamedisappeared,now,i can't reload my account anymore.. If u have free time,pls check out my account. Account: td914302063
    Thanks alot!

    • Bonich -


      need a character name.

      Next time do a thread in support or player helps players. So other mods/members of staff can see easily. Or Do it in discord.

  • td914302063 -

    I want to connect someone to apply the network acceleration in China.But it seems that I need to know your game server loction.
    Can u give me a reply? The player in China really need less internet delay.Game server loction! pls tell me. Looking forward to your reply.

  • 825679 -

    I have an issue when I try to create a character it says "Character server you have been disconnected"

    Can you help??

  • amajiiki -

    eae mano,minha conta principal não entra,quando entra não consigo logar no meu personagem principal,tem como me ajudar agora?



  • Kilinito1 -

    Buenos dias, tengo un pequeño problema con mi cuenta principal para ver si me podrian ayudar necesito ayuda de un adm por favor si no es mucha molestia kakaichi es urgente pls.

  • Flora -

    Legendary Kakaichi who left the Guild functional.

  • neielito2007 -

    Hola Kakaichi nose si es un error pero iva a la cc en el piso 16 o 21 bueno terminamos con el jefe luego agarro la recompensa y me termino sacando del juego y ahora no puedo entrar... Puedes cerrar el personaje *jasoft*... Desde ya muchas gracias

  • Gran Zenjiman -

    (Ess_nt32_enu) tells me that if I have another anti virus such as firefox or antispyware it will damage my computer and that situation does not seem pleasant to me, I think that no one I know would like it., I await your response soon so that I can enjoy this project with you and visibly Incredible game in my opinion for being faithful to dragon ball and for all its exclusive content and no more: thanks in advance., greetings:

  • Gran Zenjiman -

    (Ess_nt32_enu) me dice que si tengo otro anti virus como firefox o antispyware me dañara el equipo y no me parece agradable esa situación creo que a nadie que conozca le agradaría., espero pronto su respuesta para poder disfrutar con ustedes de este proyecto y visiblemente increible juego a mi parecer por ser fiel a dragon ball y por todo su contenido exclusivo y sin mas: desde ya gracias.,saludos :

    • Bonich -


      esto es lo que encontre en google, quizas te sirva, es una secuencia de pasos que te llevan a donde te muestran que antivirus tenes:

      1) inicio (es el logotipo de colores que se encuentra en la parte inferior izquierda so tienes la barra de tareas abajo)

      2) panel de control

      3) Sistema y Seguridad (en ese mismo sin hacer clic en el icono, hay una reseña debajo de sistema y seguridad que dice (REVISAR EL ESTADO DEL EQUÍPO)

      4) Hacer clic en revisar el estado del equipo

      5) hacer clic en Seguridad

      Dentro de esta encontraras que dice protección antivirus, ahí estará la información del antivirus que tengas instalado en la máquina.

      mas alla de esto nosotros no tenemos forma de saber que antivirus podes tener, hay cientos diferentes, depende mucho de cada persona y la pc. Es lo maximo que te podemos ayudar.

  • Gran Zenjiman -

    espero su respuesta pronto soy fan de Dragon ball y quisiera ser parte de esto tal ves no sepa mucho de computadoras pero pueden contar conmigo en el progreso del juego o lo que necesitan ya saben desde ya gracias.)

  • Gran Zenjiman -

    Good could you tell me how to know that anti virus has my windows 7 on my pc to be able to remove them and install the., (Ess_nt32_enu) safely, it would be of great help to me, thank you.
    (: X058: greetings "): x058:

  • Gran Zenjiman -

    Buenas me podria decir como saber que anti virus tiene mi windows 7 en mi pc para poder quitarlos e instalar el., (Ess_nt32_enu) con seguridad, me seria de gran ayuda gracias.
    (: X058: saludos "): x058:

  • Sebastony -

    Hi, i was wondering. Is there any demand for translation into dutch? Otherwise, (or if not now), maybe in the near future.
    I'm willing to translate from english to dutch. I'm native dutch speaking ,(belgium), but i understand english very good.
    I always loved dragon ball z, from when i was a kid. (best manga ever!)
    And seeing this project getting bigger and bigger, with such dedication the team is doing... I'm eager to help in any sort of way.

    • kakaichi -

      Hello enter in contact with me on Discord:
      Kakaichi (Hicaro Junior)#5152

  • Ayaz -

    Hi kakaichi,
    I'm having a bit of a problem running the game.
    Can you please check this thread to see if you can help?
    Here is the link to the thread: forum.dbozenkai.com/thread/269…-clicking-start/#post8754

  • Cumber -

    hola soy nuevo quisiera ayuda :D y un sensei

  • Xur_Vermilion -

    I'm having a problem playing the game: sometimes when I try to reclaim a reward to complete a quest, it doesn't let me and the chat displays the message: "string not found", what can I do to solve the problem?

    • kakaichi -

      Hello, this is due to your inventory be too much full to recive the reward, clean a little bit your inventory