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  • LuisFernandoRaimundo -

    ola fiquei preso na colina redemoinho, pode me ajudar??

  • LuisFernandoRaimundo -

    ola boa noite estou com um bug, vc pode me ajudar?

  • WindGrin -

    Ask for help. Now, It seems that everyone on channel 1 is stuck. It shows that the account has been logged in. Thank you.

  • Aversin -

    Hey Waris, I just checked the forum and I saw that the swordsman thread was rejected. What does it mean?.

    • Waris -

      hi, it was rejected because it is a known bug

    • Aversin -

      Yea, For some reason I managed to grab 10 of the metals I think, Becuase I changed channels for some reason It worked. Although It took me like 20 log outs.

  • chipanosky -

    hol descargue el juego pero no me habre el laucher

  • Elsamuel3010 -

    buenas tardes no me puedo conectar a mi cuenta, dice que la cuenta ya esta conectada al servidor de juego ayuda porfa mi personaje se llama samuel3010

  • essteban -


  • AlvaroJMV -

    Bueans noches, no me puedo conectar, me sale un aviso que dice ''Ya estas conectado al servidor de Juego''.
    CharName: StainKO

  • AuthurV1234 -

    i got stuck on the loading screen after the character customisation can u help

    my name is AuthurV1234

  • Jorgemtz217 -

    Account already connected to game serer, the name of my characher is OmegaArkk - Jorgemtz217 my account

  • EDaffre -

    Olá meu user é o EDaffre no jogo

  • HermainGoku -

    hola, no me deja iniciar sesión y aparece el siguiente mensaje: cuenta ya conectada al servidor
    del juego el nombre de mi cuenta es Leonel

    PErsonajes: PrincipeVegeta Kamizama Krilin

  • Rodro-saiyan -

    hi, It won't let me log in and the following message appears: account already connected to game server
    the name of my character is roly

  • ho6y -

    Hi, you've posted "known issue" at a bug that i posted, what does that mean?
    Sorry for my ignorance

    • Waris -

      Hi, this means that it has already been reported or is already a known issue that we already know about.

  • RayRay -

    excuse me there is a bug at molla's grassland for lvl 60-690 the mission is called permission to find hospital chief find slot machine (out of function) and talk to him i have no more quest on that island the rest of quest are bug out but if i can get this quest to the collector i can have more quest more across the map

    • Waris -

      Not all quests 60-69 work, we know that, but papaya island is not our priority, so far there are more important things to fix.

  • RayRay -

    can u fix my acc it keep saying already connected to server again my acc name is KingVon i think it happens when my wifi cut off and im disconnected and when it comes back on it always say already connected to server

  • RayRay -

    umm excuse me what is with the game saying game account already connected the server i cant log into my 2 acc... 1 of them is call KingVon The other one is RayRayThegoat or RayRayDaGoat or just RayRay i forgot tbh

  • RayRay -

    excuse me i found a bug when u teleport and when u log in the game it send you off a map that is 14.5k away from korrin village and when u use the teleport guy it doesnt send u to your destination it send u somewhere else like last time i tried to go to fear island and it too me to 55-59 map

    • Waris -

      Yes, we know that sometimes there is a problem with teleportation.

  • matyjunco96 -

    hola, hay un error de la mision "suspicious pond" para obtener la skill "power up". Soy clase namek lvl5

    • Waris -

      all TIme Rift have been turned off, use commands such as @charge, @guard, @dash in chat when you reach the appropriate level.